Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Ulysses S. Grant by Josiah Bunting III

Being a book in the American Presidents series from Times Books, this work describes Ulysses S. Grant as a president, more than as a general. In his time, he was revered almost as much as George Washington. Historians now often focus on the failings and scandals of his presidential administrations, but the author thinks this is shortsighted and argues that Grant faced challenges greater than any presidents other than Lincoln and Franklin D. Roosevelt and held the country together. As the central hero of the Civil War, Grant was trusted and admired in both the North and South after the war and remained very popular throughout his presidency. Without his calm presence, the author believes, Reconstruction might have been more severe and the rights of newly enfranchised blacks might have been lost. Look for this recent book, which argues for the rehabilitation of Grant’s reputation, in your library's biography section.

by Josiah Bunting III. Ulysses S. Grant. New York : Times Books, 2004. ISBN 0805069496

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