Monday, March 21, 2005


After I took a photo hike through the Morton Arboretum yesterday to see what I could see on the first day of spring, I loaded photos from my digital camera onto our home computer and then uploaded a sample of the more successful images onto the Internet at the website Flickr. Then I used Flickr to post one of the photos onto this ricklibrarian blog. To my surprise, within 40 minutes, I had a comment. People enjoy photos. I will have to incorporate more images into my reviews and commentaries.

It is easy to join Flickr. A free account will allow you to post a limited number of pictures. I hit the wall when I tried to post number 13 and saw I needed to be a paying member. I loaded a 31 image sample of my family’s African safari, which can be viewed as a slide show. Go to to view all my photos. Look on the left side of the page for links to safari photos, the photos from my hike, and a sampling of images from a trip I took to St. Louis to attend the Library Information and Technology Association Forum last October.

Flickr is fairly new and in the weeks that I have been a member, the design has started to change for the better. The protocol for indexing is a bit quirky for a librarian used to separating words with spaces, but it works. Many photographers are sharing incredible images. I could spend hours just browsing.

I learned about Flickr from Aaron Schmidt who learned about it from Jenny Levine’s workshop at the Metropolitan Library System headquarters. Thank you both.

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