Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Monument to Honor Scottish Immigrants

I'm in Philadelphia now to attend the Public Library Association Conference. Coming a day early, I was able to walk around the historic district on Tuesday. Close to the Delaware River, I was surprised to find this monument to Scottish immigrants. I do not recall ever seeing such celebrating the Scots, who must be among the most under-appreciated of American immigrants. I think Bonnie will like this monument.

I toured Independence Hall yesterday. I wish it could have been self-guided, as for the first time ever I found the park ranger guide annoying. He kept asking us questions instead of informing us in a pleasant manner. People don't like to speak up in big tour groups (80 per tour). He seemed like a pompous teacher who likes to belittle his students. I hope you don't get him as your guide if you visit what has to be one of the most important American places. I would have preferred sacred silence.

Today I visit art museums before I attend the opening of the conference mid-afternoon.

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