Wednesday, September 22, 2010

An Egret's Day by Jane Yolen

As an amateur birdwatcher, who has difficulty deciding what it is that I see, I appreciate spotting a Great Egret. This graceful large bird is so distinctive that I can name it with confidence. It is also so good about being out in the open, usually along an unobscured shore, so I even know where often to find one. Its bright white feathers stand out against the blue of the water or the green of plants. Jane Yolen obviously also likes the Great Egret about whom she writes in her children's book An Egret's Day.

In her book Yolen matches her short poems and descriptions with colorful photographs by Jason Stemple, passing on a lot of information about the bird very economically. But Yolen's concern is not fact-based. Her verses are filled with love and wonder. She wants to raise young naturalists.

Of course, adults have permission to check out An Egret's Day from the library, too.

Yolen, Jane. An Egret's Day. Wordsong, 2010. ISBN 9781590786505.

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