Saturday, July 19, 2008

When the Book Is All Finished

When the book is all finished
When the writing is done
I will close up the laptop
And just have some fun
I will go to a garden
And smell the roses all day
Then I'll go to the city
And there I will stray
I'll see all of the paintings
In a gallery display
Then I'll go to a snack shop
Where I'll fill up a tray
With ice cream and cake
And a cookie or two
When the book is all finished
That's just what I'll do.

When the book is all finished
When the writing's complete
I'll back up all the files
And then put up my feet
I'll sleep late in the morning
Read the paper in bed
Wear pajamas to breakfast
And when I'm properly fed
I will listen to music
And I'll not multi-task
When the book is all finished
Is that too much to ask?


Anil P said...

Nope, it's not too much to ask at all.

Lovely flow to the poem :)


Made me smile.

Don't know what I'll do when my book's finished; maybe head west on a trip I keep promising myself.

Sarah said...

I agree with anil p, the poem does have a nice flow. I like the feeling I got from reading it, that these everyday simple actions are important but easy to neglect when working on a big project.

Good luck finishing the book!