Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Who Pays to Attend the ALA Annual Conference?

I am attending the Annual Conference of the American Library Association in Washington, D.C in a few days. I am fortunate for my library is paying for me to attend. It was not always so, as I was not in line to get conference funding at several libraries. Being of modest income, I did not attend conferences when I had to pay the costs. I suspect this is the case with many other librarians, but do I really know? Maybe there are librarians paying their own way or finding creative ways to pay to attend.

If you are among the fortunate attending this week's ALA conference, please take my brief survey about who is paying. I am not asking any confidential information, so there are no privacy issues. Perhaps this results of this survey will show how important or unimportant employer support is for conference attendance.

Thanks for taking the survey. I will report the results after the conference.

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