Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Follow-Up on Who Pays for ALA Survey

The Zoho survey that I embedded in a post earlier today is causing some problems. It looks okay (not great) in Mozilla Firefox browsers, but the bottom part of the box with the submit button is not visible for users of Internet Explorer 6.0. I do not know about other IE versions yet.

A second problem is that Blogger will not let me edit the post with the embedded Zoho survey. I remember that this happened before when I pasted in code for the Zoho survey. When I try to edit, I find the word processing box is empty. I can not see anything to edit it.

Another problem is that Bloglines and Google Reader are also failing to show the survey box. Users of aggregators need to come to this blog using Mozilla Firefox to actually take the survey.

That said, 11 people have taken the survey so far. 6 of them are paying all of their expenses themselves, 3 are getting some help from their libraries, 1 is working for a vendor during the conference, and 1 is lucky enough to have her library pay her expenses. This is not what I expected.

Please, keep taking the survey to see if the trends hold up or change. Thanks.


Arvind said...

Rick : Sorry about the issues you are having. Someone from Zoho Creator should get in touch with you soon and sort the issues with the embedded survey form.

Nonanon said...

Wow, nice reply from a Zoho person.
Also: Rick, who did you expect would be paying? I'm just curious--your results seem exactly logical to me. But I am a bitter paraprofessional so maybe my expectations were skewed?

ricklibrarian said...

I am working with a Zoho person now. I hope to have the post fixed. I may have to redo the whole post as I think there is a Blogger issue.

On Who Pays: The first library for which I worked sent lots of people to conference and paid most of the costs. Then I worked at several that did not and no one was even encouraged to go. Now I work at a place that encourages and pays. Bonnie works at a library that encourages and pays, too. I guess we have been living in fantasy land.