Saturday, April 28, 2007

Library Dream #4

As I have said in a couple of other pieces, I dream about libraries. I just had a dream that was a bit different than any others that I remember.

In this episode, I have gone back to college (a frequent element) and am going to be living in a dorm again (again not an uncommon dream). I am setting up the room with one of my old roommates, who has since gone on to become an architect and designer. We are both our current ages. We decide to create instant art for our walls with heavy art paper and calligraphy pens. I try to cover one sheet with large, meaningless, fancy script. We are going to stick it above a bookcase. When I have finished, my roommate holds it up and I step back to look. In the middle in very clear letters, I am surprised to see, is the word "Reference."

I am what I am, even in my sleep. I cannot get away from it.

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What do you think?

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