Thursday, February 15, 2007

Reproducible Tax Forms in My Dreams

Ever have a dream that seemed so real?

Late in December I dreamed that the Reproducible Copies of Federal Tax Forms and Instructions came and that I put them in an old, battered binder. What's more, I was very happy because the IRS had sent the set in one volume in one numeric order, instead of later sending a second volume, which starts the number order all over again. 2007 would be so much better for our clients who like to browse through the forms.

When awake a few days later, I started looking for the forms. I could not remember what I had actually done with the binder. For days I looked around the reference desk, in the work room, on the index tables, in the staff room, and around the library. I did a lot of cleaning looking for the missing binder. I asked all the staff if they had seen a white tax form binder. No one had.

I was very surprised when I called the IRS to get a replacement set. The telephone rep told me that the reproducible forms had never been sent, as some of the tax laws had been changed at the last minute, requiring that some forms to be rewritten. I felt senile.

Today is February 15, 2007. Our postal carrier just delivered the reproducible forms. In the top left corner of the cover sheet are the words "Volume 1 of 2." More are coming later in another numbering scheme. Some dreams just don't come true.

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Nonanon said...

Ah, yes, "tax forms" and "dreams come true" have never been, and will probably never be, in the same sentence. Although, I am heartened to hear that you got your reproducibles (no matter their order), as we are still waiting on ours. At least our regular federal forms came on time this year, which is more than I can say for our state forms. Our genius state actually sent out some tax booklets to individuals with their SSNs on them, so they've been struggling to recover from that.
The only dreams I have about tax forms and our library are nightmares!