Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Cleveland Public Library Places Content Outside Its Website

I have forgotten where I first heard the challenge to put library-generated content on
nonlibrary websites. Whatever, I have not actually seen a rush to meet this challenge, and I am personally guilty for not finding ways to partner with nonlibrary organization other than our local historical society, which was a good joint project, which needs follow up.

Yesterday, preparing for a trip to Nashville, I was looking for country music booklists. I did not find what I sought with the Librarian's Booklist Search and found only one guide list with other search engines. I will try again. Surely something more is out there. (By the way, I am still looking for libraries to add to the LBS.)

Whatever, I did find Hank Williams: Still Cookin': booklist from the Cleveland Public Library on a popular country music radio station website. It recommends books on Williams, histories of country music, songbooks, reference books, and music CDs, all at the Cleveland Public Library.

Well, partner, that's mighty good marketing!

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