Friday, January 05, 2007

Librarian's Booklist Search

As promised, I have used the Google Coop website to create another customized search. It called Librarian's Booklist Search. The intent of this tool is to find online booklists from libraries.

Librarian's Booklist Search

How can it be used? For reader's advisory, you may type in an author, book title, or keywords, and receive links to booklists on library websites. Many of these lists will recommend similar titles or authors.

I also think this list will help my library get ideas for creating our own booklists.

So far, the engine searches the following:

Christchurch City Libraries If You Like
Downers Grove Public Library Good Reads
Fiction_L Booklists
Hennepin County Library Find A Good Book
Pickering Public Library Book Picks for Book Lovers
Sachem Public Library The Readers Advisor
Waterboro Public Library Booklists

As you can guess, there is potential for growth. There must be many more library booklists to add. If you know some, let me know. I will gladly add more library websites.

So far the search resides right here in the sidebar. I tried to put it onto a Google Page today, but it is not sticking for some reason. I think that Google Pages is having a problem, because I created Librarian's Book Revoogle on a Google Page weeks ago with no problem. It is also now in the sidebar of this blog.

Want to put either of these customized searches on your own pages? Send an email to ricklibrarian at and I will send the code to you. Specify javascript or non-javascript versions. (I did try to post it right here but it kept creating search boxes instead of showing the code.)


kristin said...

Seattle Public Libraries lists:

for adults, for teens, and for children

ricklibrarian said...

Thanks, Kristin. The more the better.

Susan said...

We have two pages for booklists:

For adults and young adults

For children

And thanks for listing our blog in your sidebar--we are getting readers from you!

Tana said...

Madison (WI) Public Library lists:

nonfiction for adults, fiction and mysteries for adults, and for children

We'd like the code for both tools, too (I'll email separately), and would like to thank you for including MADreads in the Revoogle. You do great work!

Anonymous said...

The St. Charles Public Library has
Adult Recommended Reading Lists

and Youth Recommended Reading Lists

ricklibrarian said...

I have added the recommended lists and several others that I found on my own.

What I have not added are lists that are PDFs. I am not sure if Google with search them. I will make some tests.

I also have not added lists that come from contracted sources. I have stuck to librarian created lists. This prevents getting the same list from library websites.

Readers' Corner said...
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Readers' Corner said...

Johnson County Library (Kansas) booklist for...




Amy said...

Hello; followed a link to your blog & am really enjoying it! Regarding booklists, I've been desperately searching for a booklist of excellent books that avoid sketchy liberal subjects and provide good solid moral reading for grown-ups. Lots exist for adolescents but I'm not talking about Harry Potter and the like but about real grownup issues. Any ideas or suggestions would be great...Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

Not a library but you could add The Internet Book Database -