Thursday, January 04, 2007

Update about Library Supply Catalogs

Yesterday I received a very nice telephone call from Bill Stroner, the President/CEO of DEMCO concerning my observations last week. He agreed that the over-abundance of library supply catalogs is a concern for his company (which wishes to make a profit) and libraries (who want less mail), and he described some efforts DEMCO is making to reduce unwanted mailings. He said that with bundles of catalogs that his company recently sent, there were letters telling clients that they may contact the company to reduce their mail. He also said that his staff has a schedule of calling clients, and one of the questions is whether they want to add or reduce catalogs.

I told Mr. Stroner that my main objective is to persuade libraries to take the initiative to reduce their mail through contacting the supply companies and removing names of former employees from lists. It sounds as though DEMCO is helping this effort. Mr. Stroner said that some libraries respond positively and scratch some names from their lists. Some libraries do want everyone in the building to have a catalog. Some others do not bother to respond. DEMCO will honor the libraries' wishes. The company will happily take names off its lists.

Kelli at 'brary Web Diva left a good idea in the comments to last week's post. She said that her library gives the extra catalogs away to library clients who request them.


aaron said...

that's awesome!

CW said...

Your post(s) have inspired me to ensure that I am only receiving mailouts of direct interest/use to me. The amount of wastage is phenomenal!

By the way, I like the new look! :)