Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Right Attitude to Rain by Alexander McCall Smith

The Right Attitude to Rain is the third novel by Alexander McCall Smith set in Edinburgh, Scotland featuring Isabel Dalhousie, editor of The Review of Applied Ethics. The book is more a novel of manners than a mystery, but libraries will tend to shelve it with mysteries to place it with the author's other works. Central to its plot is the issue of when to tell the truth and when to restrain from telling anything. The issue of romantic love between people of different ages is also important.

I enjoyed listening to the audiobook read by Davina Porter. The descriptions of Scottish landscape, weather, and Edinburgh neighborhoods makes me want to visit the country. I would definitely want to visit little art galleries and try the small restaurants.

The real mystery for readers is how Isabel, a philosopher who seems to weigh every issue of conscience so thoroughly, can be so surprised by the obvious consequence of her actions. The story will certainly continue.

McCall Smith, Alexander. The Right Attitude to Rain. New York: Pantheon, 2006. ISBN 0375423001

8 compact discs. Prince Frederick, Maryland: Recorded Books, 2006. ISBN 1428115110

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