Monday, January 08, 2007

ALA Conference Bag with Groceries

When I was in Trader Joe's last week, I noticed a bunch of canvas grocery bags for sale next to the checkout. Beside them was a "save the earth" message. For a moment I considered buying a couple of these bags, but then I remembered that I had a collection of bags from library conferences sitting in a closet. I decided to bring one to see if a clerk would load it with my groceries.

Today I returned to the store to get a few items. When I asked the clerk if we could use my bag, she answered "Certainly!" She said the company encourages reuseable bag use, and as an incentive it enters canvas bag users in a free raffle to win groceries. I now have a chance to win $25 worth of Trader Joe's goods.

My blue ALA New Orleans 2006 bag was just big enough for today's purchases. Next time, I will also bring a white PLA Seattle 2004 bag.

How are you using your conference bags?


walt crawford said...

I've accumulated a fair number of bags, both the great canvas bags and the stinky plastic bags--that is, they outgas for a while--over the course of speaking at conferences. We've been using them for grocery shopping for years--we have a conference bag full of six or eight folded conference bags that we take with us. My wife takes the zippered Access conference bag for farmer's market produce shopping. (There's another dozen bags in reserve, but I've yet to see a canvas bag wear out.)

Rachel said...

The ones with multiple pockets made great diaper bags :).

rochelle said...

I'm at Midwinter right now. I didn't get a bag when I picked up my badge holder, but later that night, someone knocked--it was a hotel employee with a bag (oddly, I thought, sponsored by Antioch University) and two water bottles (Thompson Gale). Someone else gave me and my roomie more water--AND two more bags. Today, I came back to the room and the bags gone, and this note: "Dear guest, we took bags (blue) because mistakes delivery. Bellman" So, no bags for us to find creative uses for this time around.