Saturday, November 18, 2006

IM Shorthand for the Monty Python Fan Anniversary


It has been a year since I posted IM Shorthand for the Monty Python Fan. It is funny how a quick, spontaneous post has gotten more attention than most of my serious work. There is a lesson to be learned, as pointed out by In Praise of Slow Thinking by the Blue Skunk Blog. Humor helps us say what we want to say. In the case of IM Shorthand, I had nothing to say other than I am a member of the VSP and love Monty Python, but it helped break the ice so I could say other things on this blog.

BOYD. Of course, no piece in blogland is ever really dead. People continue to discover IM Shorthand. Every weekend someone discovers it and then alerts friends. Thank you, everyone.

The only piece I have written that has brought people together as much is Morton's Neuroma: A Librarian Looks at Consumer Health Resources. I did not expect this. (NETSI!) It now seems to get as many visitors as the IM Shorthand. Some of the visitors have been leaving their stories as comments. A couple of them may be marketing but it is hard to tell. A lot of people want to tell their stories to others who will understand. IGB, by the way.

It will be interesting seeing what the next year will bring.



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ricklibrarian said...

Wow, within moments of posting, I am spammed. Spam, spam, spam, spam ...

Anonymous said...

Fantastically funny!