Friday, October 20, 2006

Next Week's Conferences: Internet Librarian and LITA Forum

There are two gatherings of librarians interested in technology next week. The first is Internet Librarian in Monterey, California and the second is the LITA Forum in Nashville, Tennessee. Thanks to the wonders of blogging, you can follow the programs without leaving your home or library.

Internet Librarian starts with preconferences on Saturday, November 21. The regular program runs November 23-25. A wiki has been created for the conference and on it are a list of attendees who will be blogging.

The LITA Forum begins Thursday afternoon, November 26 and the regular program runs Friday through Sunday. A group of bloggers will be reporting on the programs at the LITA blog.

This year I will be among the crowd in Monterey. I will flying to San Jose Saturday, when I also plan to visit the Monterey Bay Aquarium. On Sunday I will attend Meredith Farkas' preconference about wikis. Then I'll start blogging. Stay tuned.

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