Saturday, June 24, 2006

Libraries in Harrison County, Mississippi Still Need Help

Though it was rather late for an old guy like me, I attended a party in ALA President-Elect Leslie Burger's suite Saturday night. She invited two groups of people, library bloggers and librarians of Mississippi and Louisiana who worked tirelessly after Hurricane Katrina. The Gulf Coast librarians told us about their experiences.

I spoke with Robert Lipscomb, director of the Harrison County Library System in Mississippi. His community took the direct hit from the hurricane last August. He told about 37 feet high waves that swept in off the coast. Many of his libraries were destroyed. Photos are on the library website. Most of his staff lost their homes and possessions. He says he needs about eight million dollars to fully restore his libraries.

President-elect Burger asked that bloggers broadcast that the Gulf Coast libraries still need money. Libraries across the country should continue to adopt libraries. Do not send old books. Money is the wanted commodity.

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