Saturday, June 24, 2006

Hurricane Damage Still Evident in New Orleans

Hurricane Damage
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This is a photo I took from the fifth floor of the Sheraton Hotel on Canal Street in New Orleans. From the cool comfort of the swanky hotel, the work to be done can be seen. That is the way it is in New Orleans. The shiny and new often sits next to the old and crumbling. Katrina can be blamed for some of that, but not all.

Mayor Nagin was one of the dignitaries to speak at the opening session of the American Library Association tonight. He welcomed us and said having our major convention in his city meant very much to the community financially and symbolically. He said that we rock and urged to spend as much as we could.


maggie moran said...


Wasn't NO one of the most gratifying experiences! My husband refused to do the 9th Ward cab tour, but we saw unbelievable destruction on our way to Honey Island for the swamp tour.

By being there and spending like thosandaires, I hope we added to their aid.

I believe I saw you in the review panel meeting on Saturday. Sounds like Booklist doesn't want our kind. Eh.

The Southern Authors Sat. afternoon was another great session. I'm not sure which speaker talked about an eloquent qoute in the NYT, "So I lay my head down to sleep in the night world." The man had been misqouted, the reporter didn't understand, he said "9th ward."

Thanks for documenting this incredible weekend (w/ words and pics) and thanks millions for putting my blog on the map.

Maggie :-)

ricklibrarian said...


Did I rush away at the end of the book review meeting? I had my mind on a muffaletta.

You were on my list of people I hoped to meet. I should have planned meeting people instead of relying on fate. I hardly saw anyone I knew even when I knew they were around somewhere. Lesson learned.