Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Update on Conferences for March 22, 2006

It was a warmup day for the conferences. From about a thousand miles away, this is what I saw. Most of the blogging (not much yet) was about the keynote sessions.

Beth Gallaway attended the PLA Opening session (though she was in an adjoining room unable to actually see the stage) to hear Linda Ellerbee's keynote speech. Here is a link to her report on the PLA Blog. Beware, she used a very small font. You may want to increase the font size.

Nicole C. Engard wrote a readable report on the keynote presentation by Chris Sherman of Search Engine Watch at Computers in Libraries. Of course, the presentation was mostly about search engines. For another view and more details, go to David Lee King's report in bullets. Aaron Schmidt did not write a full report, but did comment on the presentation.

Meredith Farkas attended Building Community with IM at the Computers in Libraries Conference. Click here for her report on what Amanda Etches-Johnson, Aaron Schmidt, and Michael Stephens said about using instant messaging in libraries.

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