Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Two Conferences Start Today

Both the Public Library Association 11 National Conference in Boston and the Computers in Libraries 21st Annual Conference in Washington, D.C. start today. Both had preconferences and there is already a flood of library reporting this week, so I am going to step aside and read more than write. What I may do is provide links to conference reports that I enjoy or find particularly interesting.

Here are links to what I will be reading:

PLA blog

Walking Paper - Aaron Schmidt is speaking at both conferences.

CIL Conference Bloggers - There are more blogs than I can possibly read here.

Several of the bloggers I read are at PLA. There does not seem to be a PLA blogging list, but I will see them through Bloglines.

Next week, I will be on a road trip with my daughter Laura looking at colleges in Iowa and Minnesota. I hope to be able to post a couple of items from the trip. I am sure there will be photos.

April is National Poetry Month. I am counting on you to read some poetry. It will be a nice change of pace after reading many conference reports.

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