Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Among the first subscription Aaron set me up with when he gave me the gift of Bloglines was Researchbuzz. Tara Calishain posts so much I sometimes get behind. Last week, she pointed her readers, of whom there are very many, to SuprGlu, a service that combines content from several sources into one blog-like stream.

Setting up a SuprGlu account is easy. I chose to send this blog's content and added the photos I post at Flickr, the web links from my del.icio.us account, and the book recommendations I post to the Thomas Ford Memorial Library website. I chose a pretty wild looking template. Take a look at ricklibrarian.suprglu.com.

The squeeze button in the top right corner sends you to a randomly chosen SuprGlu stream. Aaron will like that there is a small tag cloud on the right (maybe it will get bigger as more content is added).

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