Thursday, November 03, 2005

Library Success: A Best Practices Wiki

Last summer Meredith Farkas set up Library Success: A Best Practices Wiki for everyone in the library community to share their knowledge and experiences to help others do their jobs better. While it has a stated emphasis on the applying of library technology, volunteers are adding pages about library services and management as well. The pages may have discussions or instructions, or they may have collections of links to websites with useful information.

Being a wiki, anyone can contribute. I did. Click here to find the page I created about adding book reviews to Open WorldCat. You may edit my page if you see typos or think of better words or want to add some more text. It is a tool for collaboration. That's what wikis are all about.

If you do decide to contribute, join the wiki user list so we will all know who you are. See you there.

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