Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Comments Let Us Know the Blogs Are Worthwhile

This blog is a little different than most. Most literature on blogs emphasizes the currency of information posted and the speed of reporting. People generally read blogs for hot news.

A majority of readers of ricklibrarian come to it through search engines when they seek reviews. As a result, some of the older postings are as popular now as they ever were. Some are only read occasionally.

I was glad to see that someone had visited my review of Imperial Reckoning this morning. It is one of those less visited reviews, and I had not seen it myself in a long time, as I wrote it in April. On a whim, I clicked the link and saw that the new visitor left a comment that dispelled any doubt I have about the value of blogging reviews.

It is humbling sometimes when we make connections with strangers.

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