Friday, June 10, 2005

Aaron Has a New Bike That Is Old

nearly finished collegiate
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Aaron has an old bicycle that is new. It is a 1971 Schwinn Collegiate and it is new to him. Also, he put a lot of work into restoring it, so it looks like new. I saw it the other day and was quite impressed. It is wonderful to see something older getting attention in this everything-has-got-to-be-new world. I enjoyed seeing him ride away on a bike that is older than he is.

Sometimes when I am weeding our book collection, I come upon older books that are looking a little dull on the outside but still look pretty good on the inside. It may be that the plastic on the jacket is cloudy or torn, but the book itself is in good shape. If the content is still of interest and the scholarship is not antiquated, especially art and history books, I will ask Susan or Beth in the technical services department in our library to replace the plastic cover. Like Aaron, they do nice work. The old book comes back to me looking bright and shiny. If possible, I like to put these books out where our readers can see them. They often look a little different than the books that really are new, but they look good. They look like someone cares for the books. I enjoy it when I see readers taking them home.

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Dan Trabue said...

How cool. Here's hoping that my children would gain such interest as they grow bicycles as well as in reclamation of the old and lost.