Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Ricklibrarian Reporting from Indianapolis

Greetings. I have arrived in Indianapolis in time for the start of the 2014 Public Library Association Conference. In the next four days I will attend programs on various topics of interest to those of us working in public libraries. I will share reports here on my blog for those of you who would like to but can not attend. The notes will also help me recall what I heard when I get back to my library.

I have been to most of the PLA conferences since the event in Charlotte, North Carolina in 2000 and have some fond memories, not particularly just about the programs.

Charlotte, 2000 - Great soul food restaurant to which we returned for a second meal.

Phoenix, 2002 - Last conference at which I could read attendee name tags, before lanyards that dropped them to the region of the navel. I used to count states from the name tags. It is impossible now without bending over awkwardly. I saw librarians from over 40 states in Phoenix.

Seattle, 2004 - I saw Nancy Pearl everywhere.

I missed PLA in Boston in 2006.

Minneapolis, 2008 - Girl Scout cookies a month after they were sold at home.

Portland, 2010 - Snow-capped mountains and waterfalls along the Columbia River.

Philadelphia, 2012 - So many historical sites and great art museums.

What will I remember about Indianapolis? Two candidates are 1) tomorrow's possible snowstorm and 2) the Big Ten basketball tournament that is competing with PLA for hotel rooms and restaurant seatings.

Stay tuned.

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