Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Big Idea with Amy Cuddy at PLA

How body language influences our thinking and belief in our abilities is a concern of Amy Cuddy, who is a social scientist and professor at Harvard Business School. And like nearly everyone who spoke at the Public Library Association, she has a TED talk. Except for a few updated photos, the TED talk is her PLA presentation expanded. The TED talk is more effective, for she added the story of her efforts to recover from a terrible accident during her college years.

Cuddy requested that we power pose for two minutes before enter stressful situations. Standing straight and in an open position (she showed Wonder Woman and Superman) has been shown to raise levels of testosterone and make people feel more empowered. Power posing can also be done in a chair or even in bed. It is a stretch and straightening, becoming open. Should you wake up feeling crummy, a two minute power pose in bed before rising can improve your hormonal levels and lead to a better day.

Cuddy included many humorous and instructive photos and showed a funny film showing abuses of power posing that was recently sent to her. Cuddy cautioned that power posing is good before you engage people. It is not for interactions.

I was amused how many people in the audience shifted as soon as she started talking about postures. I know I sat up straighter. I think I thought about it all day.

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