Monday, September 02, 2013

Professor Gargoyle by Charles Gilman

Robert Arthur was unhappy to discover that he had been transferred to Lovecraft Middle School, despite its new state-of-the-art building, abundant technology, and student amenities. When his old school closed, his friends went to school across town. He would not know anyone, except the bully Glenn Torkells to whom he frequently paid a dweeb tax. Most of the teachers proved okay, but then he met Professor Goyle. How would he survive science class? At least he could find refuge in the library. Now just how big was that library? A student could get lost, and its dusty attic with the strange leather bound books was rather uncharacteristic of a new library reportedly stocked with all new books. Something was really weird about Lovecraft Middle School.

In Professor Gargoyle, the first book of Tales from Lovecraft Middle School, Charles Gilman recounts what Robert discovered in his first few weeks in his shiny new school about the building, the strange professor, and his own ability to cope with dangerous situations. In doing so, he assembled a surprising group of allies. Their story is just what young horror-loving readers will enjoy. It is also fun reading for anyone of any age who likes haunted houses and strange creatures.

Professor Gargoyle ends with a new challenge to Robert and his friends. Will they survive The Slither Sisters, book 2 in the series?

Gilman, Charles. Professor Gargoyle. Quirk Books, 2012. 168p. ISBN 9781594745911.

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