Thursday, August 22, 2013

ARRT Whole Collection Reader's Advisor Program Wrap Up

Thanks to everyone at today's ARRT Whole Collection Reader's Advisory Program at the Deerfild (IL) Public Library for your warmth and great suggestions. Many of you had splendid ideas about how to advance the cause of connecting materials from all areas of the library (and beyond) and getting them into the hands of readers/listeners/viewers.

Thanks also to the participants who suggested books for my reading. I have a copy of Summer and Bird by Katherine Catmull is hand and have placed a hold for Beware the Tufted Duck by Lydia Adamson. I think that I will enjoy both. The prospects are promising.

For those who were not there, let me report that I shared a panel with Joyce Saricks (author of many books and general cheerleader for RA) and Nanette Donohue of the Champaign (IL) Public Library. Melissa Stoeger of Deerfield Public Library moderated. We had a lively discussion and then each presented a sample topic to show how library materials in many formats can be joined for readers' advisory promotion. Joyce took on Adventure, Nanette spoke about Urban Lit, and I featured items for bird lovers. It was privileged to share the spotlight.

ARRT will soon have copies of the presentations on its website.

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