Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Answers about ricklibrarian

I think more and more that the best thing about library conferences is meeting people. This morning I received an email with questions about writing my blog from a librarian I met at the American Library Association Annual Conference this week in Chicago. Since I have not really said much about the blog itself in a long time, I am also posting modified answers to her questions.

I stay at least partially informed on book and library industry trends by reading articles linked from AL Direct and Library Link of the Day as well as listening to the New York Times Book Review podcast. I read newspapers and journals. I also learn at librarians' meeting and from my Facebook friends.

I receive no dollars or cents from my blog. I have never tried because I want to stay totally independent. Money is not as valuable as peace of mind.

I ignore most of the email I get from marketing agents trying to get me to read books. Maybe twice a year I might be willing to read something and tell the author/agent that I make no promises about reviewing. It has probably been more than a year since I have reviewed anything on ricklibrarian by request. I mostly review books from libraries. I have requested maybe three electronic readers copies through Edelweiss.

I review instead of promote. I usually stick to books and media and ignore products and services. I might comment on a product/services good for libraries or readers, but it rare.

I have enjoyed blogging, and it led to my writing two readers' advisory books. It has made me lots of friends. That's the payoff.

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