Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday at ricklibrarian: Real Lives Revealed Deal

I am not sure if this really is related to Black Friday but I noticed that my book Real Lives Revealed is now on sale for half the list price at ABC-Clio/Libraries Unlimited. Here is the link to see that what was $65 is now $32.50. I can only speculate as to the meaning of this for future sales. Whatever, if you were wanting a copy but were unhappy with the price, you can now get it at a better price.

I see that ABC-Clio's move has not affected Amazon or Barnes and Noble, which still want full price. They had offered discounts when the book was new. Used book sellers want as much as $92 for it.

The reason that I had looked my book up is that I had noticed some new Libraries Unlimited titles being offered as ebooks. I was hoping that my book would now be an ebook as well, but it has not happened.

Enjoy Black Friday in the manner of your own choosing!


Robert said...

Hey, why don't you make this into an audio book? You can do the recording yourself! :)
Your bud,

ricklibrarian said...

Thanks for the confidence in my technical and entertainment abilities. The book lacks a plot to sustain interest. It would be a better ebook for reference and reading advice. That has been promised but has not happened yet. The new book is available as an ebook but only directly from the publisher.