Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Understanding 9/11

We have a fairly big display of books about the events of September 11, 2001 in our library this month. We realize that some people will not want to be reminded, as the pain is still sharp, and we are living daily with the consequences of that attack and our reactions to the attack. We are, however, going to be reminded everywhere we look in the coming week. The anniversary will be featured on most news media in print, on the air, and online. At the library, we can not choose to ignore the anniversary. We hope that our display offers a wide range of accurate and thoughtful reporting and that it balances some of the shallow "news bite" reporting from various camps of the media.

The Internet Archives has put together an interesting collection of videos from about 20 television networks worldwide called Understanding 9/11. There is reported to be 3000 hours of footage from 2001 which the user can pinpoint by the minute. A collection of essays about the events is also posted.

The anniversary seems to be an opportunity to revisit and reassess our recent history. It may be too much to hope for a lessening of polarized political positions, but I'm hoping anyway.

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