Friday, July 01, 2011

Selected Shorts: Even More Laughs

Some audiobooks are more than just readings of writings. They are performances in every way. Take the Selected Shorts audio collections on CD. I just listened to the Even More Laughs set, which featured eight short stories read by theater, film, and television actors before live audiences at Peter Norton Symphony Space in New York. Among them are Stephen Colbert, Parker Posey, and Alec Baldwin. How could you go wrong?

I joyfully listened to all three discs on a Saturday morning while I gardened. If anyone walked by, I did not notice them, but I am sure they heard me laughing at Parker Posey telling how she taught swimming in a landlocked community with a population of three and no pool. Her reading of "The Swim Team" by Miranda July seems just like stand-up comedy. So did Stephen Colbert's reading of T. Coraghessan Boyle's story "The Lie" in which the narrator tells how a fib to excuse himself from work got totally out of control.

I probably laughed the most at Thomas Meehan's "Yma Dream" read by Christine Baranski, but I can't tell you why and give it away.

I see the collection is called Even More Laughs becasue there already was Lots of Laughs. I think I will request that CD set, too.

Selected Shorts: Even More Laughs. 3 CD. ISBN 9781934033142.

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