Friday, May 13, 2011

Laura's Senior Recital

My final music report of the week is about attending my daughter Laura's senior recital at the University of Iowa. Being a voice major getting a degree in music therapy, she had chosen a recital as her senior project and seemed calmer than her parents on the appointed afternoon. With some of our friends and dozens of her fellow students, we dashed through outbursts of rain to get to the recital hall, a new facility built in a shopping mall on the edge of campus after the floods of 2008 destroyed the music building. It was comfortable and dry, and we settled in for nearly an hour of music.

Accompanied by very talented graduate piano student Seong-Sil Kim, Laura sang selections from Italienisches Liederbuch by Hugo Wolf, a selection of American songs by Harold Arlen and Cole Porter, three French songs by Camille Saint-Saens, and four Spanish songs by Fernando Obradors. I enjoyed them all, but I was particularly impressed by the Spanish pieces "Del cabello mas sutil" and "Chiquitita la novia" which required Laura to sing a lot of notes high and low, soft and loud. The recital was not recorded, but you can find other performances of the songs on YouTube. I was an undeniably proud parent before, during, and after the recital.

I suspect Laura's favorite moment was hearing "You passed" from her voice teacher. We all celebrated with pizza afterwards.


laura said...

Congratulations to Laura, and to you and Bonnie!

Citizen Reader said...

Congratulations to Laura, and to you! (And of course to Bonnie.) I'll bet Laura's glad to be done and wow, does she look elegant in that photo! Glad you had a good time.

Lydia Plain said...

Congratulations to Laura!
You must be so proud father.. :)
While I was reading your post about Laura, I remembered my exams for my piano degree. And I know the hard work that it takes to get there... So, Laura deserves lots of "μπράβο!" as we say in greek... :)