Friday, June 11, 2010

Toews with Stanley Cup

Toews with Stanley Cup
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Bonnie and I attended the Blackhawks Victory Parade today. The news is saying two million other people were there. I do not know about that. We stood for two hours across from the Daley Center waiting for the parade. The wait was made more bearable by there being a giant screen showing the Mexico-South Africa game starting the World Cup. It did get a bit crowded just before the parade. A woman close to us fainted in the heat. We suspect that it was much more populous along Michigan Avenue and toward the presentation stage. We did not even attempt to get there. Everything went well for us. We got a train just when we wanted coming in to Chicago and going home. We heard that some people had to wait two hours to get on a train home.

This is the only picture that I got of the Stanley Cup. I would have had a better shot with Toews holding the cup high, but someone's arm went up in front of me. There are other pictures at my Flickr site. Click on the photo to get there.

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