Monday, March 22, 2010

At the Oregon Zoo

Lions Aroused
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Hi. I am in Portland, Oregon for the Public Library Association Conference. I begin with a pre-conference tomorrow, but today I played by going to the Oregon Zoo. After four hours on a plane, it was good to stretch my legs and get fresh air. There is plenty of fresh air at the zoo high in the hills in Washington Park west of downtown Portland. I was surprised to discover that I had to take an elevator up 250 feet from the Met transit stop to get to the zoo.

The zoo excels at birds, especially water fowl. It also has a northwestern exhibit with elk, wolves, bears, etc. The bears were off today and everyone else was sleeping, but you have to expect that at zoos sometimes. These lionesses were awake. I wonder if the little kids to my left looked like prey.

The zoo restaurant has several nice alternatives to hot dogs and other fast food. I had delicious teriyaki beef with a fresh vegetable slaw over brown rice. When I asked about deserts, the cashier recommended the elephant ears from a snack station in the park. When I found the station, there was a very long line. I'll just assume the elephant ears delicious, too.

Click the lioness picture to find more zoo pictures.

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