Saturday, October 24, 2009

Rick and Bonnie in an Ice Cave

Our daughter Laura sent us this photo that she took of us going into an ice cave formed by melt water on Franz Josef Glacier in New Zealand. This cave had only opened a couple of days before and would not last many more. The ice had a frosty blue color. A trickle was running below our feet, shod in boots with crampons. The hike across and rocky river bed to get to the glacier was harder in a way than the hike across the ice itself on this day. Paths had already been forged and stairs cut into the ice. We were quite hungry when we got back to the village. I think I ate an extra dessert.


snoring mouthpiece said...


Wow! So fantastic and nice picture. I'm sure you have great view inside that cave.


the snoring mouthpiece

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