Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My Father's Bonus March by Adam Langer

Recently I was asked to review for The Internet Review of Books. After I sent a profile of the types of books that I would prefer reviewing, the editor sent me My Father's Bonus March, a new memoir by the novelist Adam Langer. I enjoyed it immensely. You can now find my review of the book here.

The Internet Book Review is a monthly posting of reviews and interviews, covering fiction and nonfiction. A few bestsellers get reviewed, but most of the reviews seem to be written about books that are getting less publicity.

I read the galleys and did not see this cover, which I do not like. It seems vague and unappealing, which is not at all true to the book. Langer's quick reading story about his father is very entertaining. My Father's Bonus March should do well in the Chicago area where most of its scenes are set.

Langer, Adam. My Father's Bonus March. Spiegel & Grau, 2009. ISBN 9780385523721

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maggie moran said...

Congrats on the review Rick and thanks for the title. I need more on the bonus army! :)