Thursday, September 03, 2009

Blog with Integrity

Following the lead of other bloggers whom I respect, I have signed the Blog with Integrity pledge, promising to behave ethically and respectfully. What this implies is that I will strive to review books, media, or other products fairly, taking no payments or gifts for anything I say. If I know and like an author, which will happen when reviewing library science titles, I will reveal this. I will keep all conversations polite and constructive. I will identify sources when quoting. I will credit to others for their ideas.

One of the tenets of the pledge is that I be willing to criticize as well as praise. With that I agree, but you may notice most of my reviews are positive. I mostly read books that I feel sure to like.

Anyone wants to know more can click on this link.

1 comment:

maggie moran said...

Thumbs up Rick! I usually say positive things about a book even if I personally don't like it because I feel every book has a reader and I don't want to discourage any type of reading in Mississippi! The smarter my fellow citizens the better!

Are you working on a next book?