Friday, July 10, 2009

Librarian at the Farmers Market

We have been told to take the library to wherever the clients are. I spent yesterday at a library table at the farmers market in Western Springs. It was the first time I have done such a thing, after several years of thinking that we should. I learned a lot of things right off the bat.

  • Big posters work like sails. It might seem like a calm day, but even the slightest puff of air will catch the poster and you will fly.
  • You need lots of rocks to hold down your handouts. Again the wind that you hardly notice will lift your papers and send them away.
  • Laptops are difficult to view in the sun. We wanted to do some reference from the table, but it was tough. Maybe someone can recommend outdoor PCs.
  • Do not expect people to rush the library table. People have come for the fruits and vegetables. You are a curiosity.
  • Do not expect all of your regulars from the library to recognize you. You are not where they usually see you.
  • Talk will be your most popular offering. You may return to the library with most of your handouts and books.

It was fun. The weather was beautiful and I enjoyed hearing Annalee, a folksinger raising funds for World Bicycle Relief, sing throughout the afternoon. I especially liked the Joni Mitchell tunes. She wanted to take bicycles to children in Zambia. We were all there in a good cause.

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