Thursday, May 28, 2009

Google Web Elements for Feeds on Library Websites

This week's American Libraries Direct includes a story about new Google Elements, saying that it is very easy to add news feeds to websites. Here is a test. It does seem very easy. Instead of taking a basic feed, I typed the keyword "books" into a custom feed box. Most of the news displayed seemed on topic. What do you think?

Watch for a moment and the stories will change.

Here is another using the keyword "library."

Those are pretty broad categories. Here is something more specific: memoirs.

It is very easy. Whether it serves a great purpose is another question.


Citizen Reader said...

I know I should be more into using Google and all the many tools they provide. But I can't help wanting to avoid it a little bit--the company is so omnipresent it scares me a little bit.

ricklibrarian said...

Dear Citizen Reader,

I know what you mean. The feed comes with a logo on it, so it looks like an endorsement of Google. I am not sure why it seems a more serious alignment than adding a Google map, which also has Google pasted on it. It might be better just get the feed privately and not post on a website.