Monday, March 16, 2009

Reading and Book Buying News

Here are several fast things that I have been intending to write about:

Marianne Goss has put together a really nice web page listing literary novels that are NOT depressing. Look for her recommendations at Positively Good Reads.


The new Nolo Press catalog shows the publisher is changing direction to respond to the economic downturn. Several of the new titles should resonate with public library clients:

  • Selling Your House in a Tough Market
  • How to Save Your Small Business: Crucial Strategies to Survive Hard Times
  • Saving the Family Cottage
  • Estate Planning for Blended Families
  • The New Bankruptcy (3rd ed)
  • Credit Repair (9th ed)

My article comparing biographies of 1909 and 2009 has been expanded and published at Readers' Advisory News. You will find articles about online book discussions by Tom Peters, the history of reading by Christine Pawley, and the lack of critical bite in book reviews by Sarah Statz Cords. That's good company. Take a look at their articles.


Bobby G said...

I really enjoyed your article comparing the 1909 and 2009 similarities and differences of biographies. Well-written and very informative. You obviously did a whole bunch of research on this subject.

Robert G in Richmond

Susan said...

I'm ALWAYS talking about how depressing novels are these days. I love the idea of a POSITIVE list. Thanks for the link!