Monday, February 02, 2009

Photos of Refugees in Congo by the fashion Photographer Rankin

In the winter 2009 issue of Oxfam Exchange is a small collection of photographs of refugees in camps in the Democratic Republic of the Congo taken by the fashion photographer Rankin. The photos were exhibited on large panels outside the National Theatre in London during the fall.The purpose of the collection is to show these people as people, not as victims to be pitied. So, instead of seeing emaciated children sitting in filth, these images depict proud people who can smile. Oxfam's thinking is that some viewers may be more willing to help people who look they are themselves capable and trying to lead good lives.

Finding more of the images online is not as easy as I expected. Here are some links.

CNN ran a story "Fashion Photographer Focuses on War" with 13 photos, many of which were in the Oxfam publication.

BBC News has a slideshow People of the Mugunga Camp.

Oxfam's website has a slideshow Cheke Kidogo: Portraits of Congo's Survivers.

These slideshows have some duplication, but each has some unique photos.

For a slideshow of people viewing the exhibit, look at Rankin Exhibit Images from Zimbio.

Here is Oxfam's Press release about the exhibit.

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