Monday, November 17, 2008

Progress Report on Real Lives Revealed

I can relax a little bit now, as I have submitted all the content of Real Lives Revealed except the indexes, which I finish after I see galleys with page numbers. I created the subject index without the page numbers over the last five days. It was an interesting exercise that uncovered some inconsistencies that I corrected. For instance, I had called Jane Goodall a "primatologist" while calling Diane Fossey a "zoologist." I had used both "clergy" and "clergymen." I had used "England" where I should have used "Great Britain" and vise versa. I had applied "Civil Rights" where I really meant "Racial Discrimination." I corrected the chapters and resubmitted them. It is all much tighter now.

With the subject index in a spreadsheet done for now, my next project is merging the titles, the authors, and the "now try" titles into a massive author/title index.

In the meantime, I hope to blog a bit more, including some biography alerts.

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