Sunday, October 05, 2008

Jamie's Great Display for Banned Books Week

Jamie's Great Display
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Jamie Kallio at the Thomas Ford Memorial Library put this great Banned Books Week display up a week ago. What everyone commented on was her thinking to use the drawers to stand up books. We also noticed as the week went by that the books displayed in the drawers were being chosen more frequently than books on the rest of the display. Jamie has now changed the way we display forever.


Ted said...

I can see that a Herman Hesse book was among the banned, but can't see which one and I'm having a hard time imagining. Which one is it?! Nice blog, by the way. I just discovered you.

ricklibrarian said...

According to Jamie, who put the display together, the title was Siddhartha.

Megan said...

I recently found a great website of library displays that your readers might be interested in: