Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Off Your Seat and on Your Feet: Continued Conversation

Jodi Lee and Christopher Korenowsky of the Columbus Metropolitan Library have quite bravely asked me for my thoughts about their PLA presentation. Before sending them my thoughts, I looked at their online handouts, which are really quite nice. The handouts do not tell you everything you want to know, but they do start the conversation about proactive reference with very relevant points. What I think is really good is the way that they incorporate staff testimonials into the attractive documents. Take a look at Telling Our Story and Off Your Seat and On Your Feet! The think about your reference service area.

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Jodi Lee and William Sieloff said...

Rick, We have many more tangible documents and guidelines if you are interested. Thank you for your email and thoughts yesterday. We will definitely look to incorporate some of your ideas (i.e. more visuals of staff in action!) in future presentations.

Also, our original presentation is normally 2 hours long. We usually include much more (many of the things you mentioned in your email) in our presentation, but had to be very diligent in getting it down to 1 hour. It was a challenge for us to negotiate what stays and what goes.

Again, thanks for your thoughts and ideas!