Monday, March 31, 2008

PLA Reconsidered

Nearly 10,000 librarians, support staff, trustees, and others attended the 2008 Public Library Association National Conference in Minneapolis last week. Now, they have all gone home and must consider what they saw and heard.

As you might expect, there were some mixed messages. Some of my programs recommended new services and the tasks to accomplish their creation and maintenance. Others admonished us for trying to do too many things. The tough thing now is weighing what is worth doing.

I continued to report on PLABlog during the conference. Here are my final reports:

From Hype to Help: Making A Difference with New Technologies

Think Outside the Book: Online Service as Outreach - about teen services

When the Story is True: Practicing Nonfiction Readers Advisory

The next PLA National Conference is in 2010 in Portland, Oregon. I hope to go.

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