Wednesday, January 09, 2008

My Fellow Americans by Keir Graff Noted by Mary Schmich

In her column in the Chicago Tribune today, Mary Schmich tells about the books that are piling up on her desk, and the first she highlights My Fellow Americans by Keir Graff, a senior editor at Booklist. Many of us in the library world also know that Keir is the daily blogger who brings us Likely Stories. It is a rare day when he does not have an interesting bit of publishing news or reflections on controversies in the book world.

Schmich scans the book quick and is much amused by the character Ronald Flush, a billionaire developer, who is building a very tall building where the Chicago Star-Tabloid used to stand. I hope she finds time to read the entire book.


Schmich also lists other books with a Chicago setting. The other title that interests me is Chicago Afternoons with Leon: 99 1/2 Years Old and Looking Forward by Kenan Heise (ISBN 9781434347374), a biography of an alderman who was a thorn in the side of the original Mayor Daley. I do not find it in any library and Baker and Taylor has no inventory. Amazon has it. I'm trying to get it.

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