Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Will There Be Books on the Colorado Rockies?

With their sweep of the Arizona Diamondbacks in the National League Playoffs last night (this morning), the Colorado Rockies have won 21 of their last 22 games. In doing so, they surprised much of the baseball world, as they had been written off for the season. Because that level of winning is the stuff of legends, expect to see books on the Colorado Rockies 2007 season by next spring. If they win the World Series, there may be some instant publishing. Sports writers from the Denver media will take this opportunity for some windfall profits.

I see only one book about the Rockies aimed at adults in the current SWAN catalog (our Chicago suburbs consortium), and there is only one copy of that 1994 title, Mile High Madness: A Year with the Colorado Rockies by Bob Kravitz. There are, of course, more copies in Coloado, according to Worldcat. I also see that some profit minded people are putting their copies for sale on EBay.

There are several books aimed at young readers available. Children's librarians should put them on display to catch the eyes of young fans.

The Rockies now have eight days off before the World Series begins. The concern of some fans is that they will lose momentum. These fans may take some comfort in the statistic that teams with that many days off have won the World Series seven out of ten times.


Nan said...

Wow! Look at that ticket price! Great picture.

ricklibrarian said...

The picture is a children's book cover, which I forgot to mention.

Ron Kaplan said...

Eliminating bookies aimed at young readers, other books featuring the Rockies as the main topic include:
* Colorado Rockies - the Inaugural Season: The Official Commemorative Edition (Fulcrum Publishing)
* In the Shadow of the Rockies: An Outsider's Look inside a New Major League Baseball Team, by Alan Gottlieb
* Those Guys Drove Us Crazy: The Wild Roller Coaster of the Colorado Rockies, by Joan Flowers (Self-published)
* Colorado Rockies Facts and Trivia
* Fat Pitch: My Six Seasons with the Colorado Rockies, by Jan Sumner
* They've Got Rockies in Their Heads!: The Colorado Rockies' First Season ... from the Fans' ....., by Cayd, Lopez, and Lamb

ricklibrarian said...

Thanks for the list. It's going to get longer.