Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Tiger Cubs at the Brookfield Zoo

I only noticed yesterday that Blogger now has an easy way to load videos, so I am testing it with this short showing the two tiger cubs at the Brookfield Zoo.

The cubs were in the den until just about ten days ago. They already weigh 75 pounds each, but they still are very much kittens.

I am typing as the video loads. It is taking a while on DSL. I am glad I only chose the 33 second clip and not the longer one to load.


Emily said...

I hadn't yet gotten to Brookfield, despite my avid love of tigers. Thanks for testing the feature with video of the cubs- especially now that they've both been injured, it's poignant to see them playing like this.

btw- i didn't know blogger could post video either. thanks.

ricklibrarian said...

It is really sad what happened to the tiger cubs. I also have photos of them on my Flickr site, to which there is a link on the right hand column of the blog.