Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Harry Potter Goes to Camp

Three Reading Harry Potter
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Ever heard of synchronized reading?

Laura and her friends spent the first two days at camp reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Each had a copy of the book. As each finished a chapter, she waited for the other two to finish so they could discuss what had happened in the story. Of course, there was a lot of whispering from the back of the van where they started the book as we drove from Illinois through Indiana to Saugatuck, Michigan. Then the whispering was from the porch of our cabin or from the girls' bedroom. They did not want to spoil the story for those of us waiting our turns for the book.

It was a Harry Potter camp. There were three copies of the new book in our cabin, and the Karstens also had three copies. Various counts had between 14 and 18 copies among the 80 people at camp. Everywhere you looked, someone had a copy.

We are back from camp now and everyone in the family has had a turn. I finished Monday night after we got back. I do not want to spoil the story for anyone, so I'll just say that people who enjoyed the first six will enjoy the new book, too.


Susie said...

Aww that's really cute. I agree, the last book was fantastic!

Vidya said...

That's some camp. Must have had a great time all of you reading it. And YES, its a great finale indeed. :)

A visitor from the blogs of note and am enjoying looking around and reading your reviews. Thanks for the same.

Dustin said...

well said, how can you actually review something that has essential been collectivly reviewed and given the stamp of approval before it has been released?